SYNC® 3 Navigation system is designed for your convenience, this system lets you access easy-to-use navigation options through the touchscreen or simple voice commands.

To set your destination, start by pressing the Navigation icon located in the Feature bar at the bottom of your vehicle’s touchscreen. You can then choose your destination through the following methods.

Destination Icon
By pressing the icon, you can enter a specific address or use a variety of search methods to get where you want to go. Tap anywhere on the touchscreen map to activate Map Mode, which lets you interact with the map’s interface to navigate to a destination.

Voice Command
Using voice commands, you can set a destination or find a point of interest (POI). To access this feature, press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel and tell SYNC® where you want to go. Then follow the instructions SYNC® gives you by viewing the touchscreen map or listen to a detailed turn-by-turn set of directions.