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Helping Your Business Go Further

Are you an Albertan business owner, considering purchasing a company vehicle or expanding your current fleet, we are here to help you with your investment. Should you buy or lease a vehicle? Do you need a car, truck, suv or van? Diesel, gas or hybrid? When it comes to buying a vehicle for your small business, the decisions you need to make can be over whelming - and that is why Koch Ford is here to help your business go further.

Small Business Solutions

As an Albertan business owner, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a new company vehicle. Whether it is the first vehicle for your business, or an addition to your existing fleet, the range of options can be overwhelming. Our Commercial Account Managers (CAMs) can help with all aspects of your vehicle acquisition and ownership.

We start with a needs assessment to determine what functions your new vehicle has to perform on a daily basis in order to help your business go further. Based on your requirements, we select the right vehicle and configuration that will work best for you. Any outfitting and upgrades that are required are either handled in house by our parts and service department, or by one of our partner upfitting companies, to maximize the vehicles utility for you. Koch Ford offers a variety of finance and lease options, and we can find the right one to fit your specific requirements.  

Like any piece of equipment, vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them working for you. Koch can provide maintenance plans and extended warranty to keep you covered against costly repairs, and works the cost into your financing or lease, to help regulate costs for your business. Long story short, we have the expertise to help you make the best choice in vehicles for your business.  

More Than Just Good Advice, We Are A Resource.

The first question you should ask is who needs to have a vehicle and for what purpose? Each industry has different requirements for a vehicle, so when you select a dealer, they need to be able to out fit the vehicle correctly. Koch has an in-house parts and accessories dept, what that means we have the network in place to save you money on your company vehicle. The second thing you need to consider is how you will purchase the company vehicle/s. You can pay cash or finance your vehicle at Koch. Paying cash up front can put a strain on cashflow for a small business, while leasing can be efficient and require a minimal amount of cash up front. This benefits your small business, as it frees up capital, leasing can also be more tax efficient as a small business. At the end of the day. your small business needs to align the costs with the value of the vehicle.